Advisement for the Upcoming School Year

Asli Bilgin, Staff Writer

Course options have opened up once again for students to decide on classes for the upcoming school year. 

Identical to previous years, students will get recommended to courses by some teachers, and the rest will be able to be handpicked by students through Aeries Student Portal. These course selections were due by the 19th of February! 

One change though is that guidance has gone over most course selections specified for a student’s own grade through a presentation during their history class on the 1st of February. 

The time has once again come to choose classes, and though there aren’t any new courses, Aliso Niguel High School still has a wide variety of classes available. From electives such as Newspaper, there are also classes such as Marine Biology, Computer Science, and so much more! 

After school classes called CCA’s are also offered that range from other schools such as Street Law, or Business and Entrepreneurship which is held on our own campus!

A Virtual Curriculum Expo is also available on the school website on the 22nd of February, to help gather even more insight on what courses are available at Aliso Niguel, and which classes will be more suited for you. 

As well as a one on one session with people’s academic advisors regarding classes for next year from February 23rd through the 24th of March in the order of Juniors, Sophomores, and freshmen. 

For any updates regarding classes, be sure to pay attention to the weekly ANHS Guidance Newsletter’s which provide  all the information students need to know and more about upcoming  changes and events. 

From the wide array of courses offered at Aliso Niguel High School there is no doubt the right class for students lies in the course catalogue, just make sure to choose before they are due!