Are Tutorials Being Used Correctly?

Kiara Azuma, Staff Writer

The second semester has started with an update to the school schedule which includes a 22 minute tutorial period after every class. 

  In the first semester, students struggled without the time to be able to talk to their teachers about anything they were having difficulty with or needed extra clarification on. With the tutorials added, students are able to have the time they might need to do their homework or discuss with teachers. But, tutorials are not being used correctly. 

  While some teachers do give the extra 22 minutes for personal work; the tutorial is oftentimes used up by the teachers continuing to teach their lessons. The “tutorial time” is an extension for the class period. The students are not able to do their homework or receive extra help. Some teachers set aside ten minutes for the tutorial, which is not enough time for students to work. 

  Tutorial is essential for students who would like to get additional help from the teacher, especially since learning online continues to become more difficult for students. Students may want to use their tutorial time to finish their homework, so they could have a free afternoon for work, study for other classes, or have a chance to relax. But, without the time needed, students are expected to figure out their struggles without help and possibly stay up late to do their homework.

  Before, tutorial periods were indicated by the bell, allowing students to go to their tutorial class. With the COVID-19 circumstances, students cannot switch classes. But a bell could alert the teachers that the tutorial period began; this ensures that students will have the opportunity for a tutorial since teachers can lose track of time while teaching. 

  Even with the new tutorial system added, there have been no benefits or changes from the first semester. It seems as though there were intentions from the school administration to support the students, but the plan did not go as accordingly or was not thought out as it should have.   

  Online and hybrid learning has already created stress for students. Without the correct use of tutorials, students may continue to struggle with work and learning at school.