Keeping Up with Kim and Kanye

Amanda Johnston, Staff Writer

  With the conclusion of the recent election, we have seen the downfalls of many popular figures, One of which being the former presidential candidate Kanye West.

  It has been reported by many tabloids and news sources that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian- West have decided to divorce. 

  They were married in 2014 after tabloids broke the news of Kim’s pregnancy. They married shortly after the news broke and have been together up until recently. The two have four children together.There has been no specific reason given as to why the pair are splitting, but it is speculated that Kanye and Kim have too many differences to find a middle ground. 

  After the announcement of the 2021presidential election results, Kim went onto Twitter to praise President-elect Joe Biden on his win. This in turn may have angered her then-presidential candidate husband Kanye as he lost. The drama seemed to unfold from there. 

  After Kim made the tweet, the public started to pay more attention to what is going on with the pair. It would seem strange to some that the spouse of a candidate was thrilled at another win. 

  Sources then came to light telling the media how Kanye has been living alone in Wyoming for months and the relationship was already on the rocks. Many have been led to believe the last tweet made by Kim Kardashian was the final nail in their marriage’s coffin.