Benefits on the New Hybrid Schedule

Amanda Johnston, Staff Writer

  Many students have found that the new hybrid schedule is beneficial. Now both teal and silver cohorts are able to see their friends if they chose to go to school, on their hybrid days

  Originally, the problem many kids had with the hybrid schedule was not being in the same cohort as their friends. Now that that problem has been eradicated, students have started to enjoy the time they are in school more and more. 

  Some students on the other hand have found it problematic, due to the recent spike in COVID cases. Now that people are able to see their friends, they deem the rules of social distancing to be unnecessary. Some have been seen taking off their masks and getting within six feet of one another.

  Teachers have been enjoying the new hybrid schedule too. The new rules of only having the students with the teachers together for two days a week decreases the likelihood of getting COVID as well. Now that people are spending less time together, there is less chance of catching what the other person may or may not have. 

  Also with this new schedule, we have seen many of the students who break the COVID guidelines are going home which can be seen as a positive because now there are fewer potential spreaders. 

  Hopefully, the new schedule will make both students and teachers happier and safer in this strange time.