How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic


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Travelers in the airport during the pandemic.

Ashley Aguirre, Copy Editor

 During the American school year, Thanksgiving break and Christmas break are the most popular for travel. However, due to the ongoing pandemic experts highly suggest that people stay at home especially as Covid-19 cases reached an all time high during late October. 

  Despite the increased risk of exposure to Covid-19 recently, many people are still determined to travel for personal reasons. Because of this, there is plenty of advice in order to avoid becoming infected with Covid-19 while traveling. advises, even before you travel, to take into account the number of cases at your destination in order to know exactly what risk you are of contracting the illness. 

  Besides the usual social distancing of six feet and wearing a proper face mask, Mayo Clinic also recommends avoiding coming into contact with frequently touched surfaces, such as handrails or counters. If one must come into contact with the frequently touched surfaces it is important to sanitize your hands afterwards, with hand sanitizer or by washing your hands. Furthermore, Mayo Clinic  suggests researching the restrictions your destination has put in place due to the pandemic so that you are prepared to abide by their requirements. 

 In’s article “How to Travel Safely During the Coronavirus Outbreak”, the infectious disease expert Ole Vielemeyer states that travel by car is preferable since you can pack your own food to avoid stops.Travel by air is also relatively safe because of air circulation regulations, however it poses the risk of infucicient social distancing. 

  It is also important to take into account that the flight itself might not be the most dangerous part of traveling by air, as the time within the airport may pose a greater risk of coming into contact with the virus.  


The article also suggests staying in a well ventilated area with windows or a balcony to allow for clean air flow throughout the room. In addition to this, proper air conditioning in a hotel makes for optimum air circulation. 

. Of course, getting outside as long as you are safely social distances is highly recommended as you are guaranteed constant air flow. 

Although many wish to travel to popular destinations, travel should be avoided if necessary to avoid putting at risk groups from different areas at more of a danger because of foreign infections. 

Alternatives to residing in populated areas, are for example staying in an Airbnb where you would only be in contact with friends and family.