Aliso Niguel Theater Company Plans to Perform


Natalie Shin, Staff Writer

Through Nov. 12-14, the Aliso Niguel Theater Company is scheduled to release production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. Mr. Golden, the Director of the Theater Company, says, “We are still holding out hope for an outdoor live performance in the Pit, depending on the COVID circumstances.”

  The plan is to host a COVID-friendly performance, but if circumstances don’t allow it, there will likely be a film or live stream to show the audience. Mr. Golden also mentioned that “getting lights, sounds, and sets will be an interesting challenge.” The audience can likely anticipate highly creative sets to accompany the new situation.

  In the spring, there will be two full productions with the Actor’s Repertory (the highest level acting class) which will most likely be performed on the main stage in February. Since the musical was canceled last spring, these performances will be something to look forward to. This year, the spring musical will be held mid-April, and the title will be announced on Oct. 9 during the company meeting. 

  To accommodate online school, Mr. Golden stated that the crews are doing everything they can at home. This includes the makeup, sets, lights, designs, and even puppetry that will be featured in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

  As a very interactive class, the director feels that his biggest goal is to “recover what’s been lost,” meaning the sense of community and collaboration which has been taken away because of the limitations of COVID and social distancing.

  Fans and watchers of the Aliso Niguel Theater Company will have a full itinerary of the production’s go-to plan. Although there might be some complications due to audience accommodation and/or new district guidelines, parents and students can still expect a good performance and should support the company.