Guide to Having Fun Safely During the Pandemic


Friends hanging out safely at Irvine Spectrum.

Kiara Azuma, Staff Writer

As the COVID-19 pandemic restricts people from meeting others at risk of passing the virus, there are options to continue having fun safely with your friends and family.

  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines highly recommend the usage of masks and social distancing. To connect with friends and family, the lowest risk would be to “connect virtually (via phone calls and video chats).” Riana Villamil (10) follows this advice by the CDC. She spends her time social distancing at home and video calls her friends. She said, “We talk and watch some videos together, which is safe and fun.” 

  Many streaming extensions have become popular over quarantine, such as Netflix Party and Scener, which allows groups of friends to watch a movie together at the same time. They are also given the ability to chat while watching, a great alternative to watching movies at the theater or at friend’s house. 

  Online multiplayer video games, doing Zoom parties, or video call workouts are also other safe alternatives to interact with friends and family and have zero risks of getting COVID-19. 

   To meet with others, masks are required especially when the gathering is less than six feet apart, and if the people are not part of your household. Even then, there is a medium risk of spreading or receiving COVID-19. When gathering with friends, it is important to not share food and avoid touching multiple surfaces. 

   Kaylee Carbello (9) explained how she spends time with her friends outdoors. “[My friends and I] normally go to the beach and go surfing, or just hang out at the beach.” But, her main priority is to “try to hang out more outdoors than in small spaces.” 

   The CDC recommends gatherings outdoors since “indoor spaces are more risky than outdoor space where there is less ventilation.”  It allows more distance between people and lowers the risk of spreading the virus. Outdoor areas such as open grass fields and parks allow people to see each other but maintain a safe distance. 

   Before hanging out with others, it is important to know the risks. If you are not taking everyday precautions, have an increased risk of illness, or have COVID-19 spreading around the community, it is better to not go out. The longer or the closer you interact with others, the higher the risk of spreading the virus. You should always wear a mask, social distance from people, and wash your hands. Carrying around hand sanitizer with more than 60 percent of alcohol will create an alternative when you cannot wash your hands. If you or your friends show any symptoms of COVID-19, do not go out. 

   Be mindful of the safety of others and take the necessary steps to have fun with others safely.