What Teachers Have Been Doing During Quarantine


A photo of Mrs. Beckler during her life in quarantine.

Jessie Blattner, Staff Writer

 During these unprecedented times, many people have been spending a lot more time at home. The Corona Virus has forced everyone inside, left to spend time with their families, lay in bed, and try new hobbies. While teachers have continued teaching students throughout this school year under lockdown, we’ve all had some more time at home to try new things and spend time with those closest to us.

  Dr. DeDiego, who teaches AP European History and Economics said “My favorite thing is working out and surfing.” She also let us know, “I haven’t tried anything new because I’m old and I know what I like.”

 She has been spending her time at home with her two daughters Leilani and Liliana, her husband, and her dog Frank, who she shared are all of her favorite people. 

When asked about one change that she liked and one that she disliked about being at home, Dr. D stated “I like not having to drive that much but I dislike being away from my students. Not being able to see them is the absolute worst thing.” 

One thing she regrets not having done with her free time was reading any particularly intellectual books.

  Mrs. Riddle who teaches Chemistry, said “My favorite activity has been doing outdoor movies in the backyard.”

 She has been spending her time at home with her husband and her mother who lives with them; she was also able to spend more time with her two sons who were home at the beginning of quarantine.


 Mrs. Riddle said, “I like that we’ve had more time as a family, but I have disliked the feeling that things are closed and not feeling safe to go to the store.” 

When asked about whether or not she was looking forward to going back she stated “I think distance teaching has been one of the biggest challenges of my teaching career… but I am looking forward to seeing students. My no part is just being nervous and wanting it to be good for students.”


  Ms. Torres, who teaches English told “My favorite activity is training my dogs and something I tried that’s new is I went to a shooting range and shot a gun for the first time.”

 She has been spending her time at home with her dogs, her parents, and her brother and sister. 

When asked about changes she liked and disliked she said “I like always having an excuse to not go to something, I like being at home. I don’t like all of the angst and strife [coronavirus] has caused politically.” 

In terms of going back to school, she has said that she is not looking forward to it, stating “I don’t think it’s going to be good for kids. I’m all for coming back on campus for sports and extracurriculars but not for cutting 45 percent of class time and essentially being forced to give kids more homework.”

  Mrs. Beckler, a math teacher said “My favorite activity has been baking. I love to bake and make ice cream with my kids. The only problem is that we all gain weight… I did learn how to use a sewing machine so I made masks for my family and friends.” 

Mrs. Beckler has been home with her two kids and her husband. 

She stated “One thing I like about teaching from home is not having to drive to school.  We don’t have the morning chaos that comes with getting our kids ready and shuttling them off.  One thing I dislike about being at home is the isolation.  I love being with my students and interacting with them so it has been quite an adjustment.” 

Mrs. Beckler shared “I have mixed feelings about returning to school. I really want to see my students in person and get to know them better but only when it is safe to do.”