Counseling Over Canvas


Aliso Niguel’s New Counselors

Sumehra Jamal, Staff Writer

 Ms. Liegler and Mrs. Brennan proudly announced a brand new ANHS Counseling Canvas course. 

  Much like last year’s makeshift Google Classroom course, this year’s Canvas course is designed to help students with mental health, college and career, and academic needs. Mrs. Brennan and Ms. Liegler are working their hardest to find the best resources and lessons for us students, tailored to our needs. Currently up are two modules: Mental Health and College & Career. Each module has resources to either help students prepare or get ahead on academics or to give them someone to reach out to, if needed.

  The counselors have also taken advantage of Canvas’ communication features, opening up discussion posts,

and holding surveys meant to better understand what the students need. The Student Needs Assessment under the Announcements widget will be used to decide what resources and lessons will be listed. Ms. Liegler and Mrs. Brennan also plan to host webinars focusing on what students need. In addition to this, they are working with English teachers to create Social-Emotional lessons every month for each grade level.  While these are all to be listed in the modules, everything on the Counseling page is completely optional; no grades to worry about here! The title “course” is slightly misleading, but the course is simply a tool to help students when they need it. 

  Although there are brand new modules to take part in, the counselors will be ready to talk to if ever needed. The “course” is just an additional resource. As always, they will be on campus from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. to help those on campus. For online students, you can email your assigned counselor to schedule a Zoom or Google Meet call. Their contact information is also listed on the school website. As always, counselors are glad to talk or discuss anything if the need for them arises.