Aliso Football has High Hopes this Year

Antonia Velasquez, Staff Writer

  As everyone is wondering how sports are doing, the main question is how is Aliso Niguel’s varsity football team? Their season has been pushed to a different time due to the pandemic, but the team has been training. Since COVID, training hasn’t been the same. The team makes the best of what they can do. 

  When asked how training for the upcoming season was affected by COVID-19, head coach of the Aliso Niguel varsity team Michael Calahan provided answers. He explained, “Training has been drastically affected. So far during COVID we have been able to practice 8 total times on the field and were finally able to get back in the weight room today, Sep. 28. We are still unable to share a football at practice so our QB’s (Quarterback) has not thrown to a WR (Wide receiver) since last November”. It is gratifying to hear that our Football team is back in the weight room, and is training hard for their upcoming season.

  When asked what the team’s main goal for the year is, Michael Calahan mentioned, “Our theme for our teams this year is “ALL IN’’ which means that everything we do will be 100% to the best of our abilities.” 

  Coach Calahan stated that tells the athletes that “it doesn’t matter what you are doing, who we are playing, or what the situation is, you are ALL IN”. In compliance with this motto, the team has high hopes for their season. 

  With their drive and passion, The Aliso Niguel Varsity Football team has great standards for their upcoming season. This should have fans excited as the team’s goal is to win the league and CIF. 

  Also Stated by Calahan, “These kids know how to win, and we expect to win”. With this determination and confidence, the spirits of the Wolverines are soaring. This team should be commended for their determination and perseverance through these unprecedented times.