Did ANHS Choose the Right Prom Theme?


Aliso Niguel’s 2023 Prom theme was the Roaring 20’s. Prom took place on Saturday, May 6 at the Yost Theater in the Santa Ana Arts District. Ticket prices started at $70 for ANHS students with an ASB card and $85 for all other students and guests. The prices went up to $85 and $100, respectively, on May 1.

However, the topic of some criticism and controversy involves the school’s decision on the theme of the dance. The Roaring 20’s was a somewhat unpopular choice compared to other suggested themes such as Masquerade, the most popular choice, and Old Hollywood. 

This appears to be a common theme through Aliso’s dance history, as the school year’s Homecoming theme was also Decades. Furthermore, one of the suggested themes was actually last year’s theme of “A Night in Hollywood.” The school receives the same theme suggestions of Hollywood and various decades repeatedly.

The theme was primarily chosen by the Student House of Representatives, who voted on other students’ suggestions. The most popular theme among these representatives was evidently the 1920’s. 

Does this really represent the opinions of the greater student body, though? 

Cindy Yang (11), an opponent of the theme, says about this year, “There are better themes, like Masquerade, yet they chose the worst one.”

Many students shared their opinions on the available Google Form, and clearly many felt vindicated that their opinions were not taken into account, since their ideas didn’t align with the representatives.

Still, some students support the Prom theme and see it as a good decision on the part of the school.

For example, Student Representative Stephen LaRocca (11) says about this year’s Prom theme, “I think it’s a very fitting theme for the location. The decorations and props are able to give upperclassmen a cool vibe for the night.”

This is also unsurprising considering the student representatives were the ones who voted in the theme.

The benefits of the Roaring 20’s theme include decorations that suit the formality and extravagance of Prom. This allows students to use small additions to participate in the theme while wearing what they had already planned to. Playing it safe for the theme ensures that the dance will also go smoothly and that no students break any rules trying to follow it.

On the other hand, the other suggested themes could have accomplished the benefits just as well. The Masquerade theme specifically would have also encouraged more innovative styles of fashion and added another dimension of excitement to the night. Moreover, a change to the usual pattern of Prom themes may have led to higher attendance that would benefit both the school and attendees.

Another student at Aliso, Laura Richards (11), also expresses her concern for the theme, “I was a bit disappointed with this year’s theme. I feel like they could have done something more exciting.”

Overall, the Roaring 20’s theme for Prom seems to be a generally uninspired choice that will neither add to or detract from the typical experiences of Prom.