Changes Students Wish to See at Aliso Niguel Next Year


Aliso Niguel is about to start its next school year and many kids have already questioned what will be different about it. Changes are always bound to happen, especially when it comes to Aliso Niguel. A few vocal students have voiced their wishes and even some have created clubs, such as Student Atlas, to properly advocate for their preferred changes.

When going around the school and asking students from all across, there has been a consistent flow of wishes the students of Aliso wish to see next year. Many are involving certain changes to the restrictions around areas of the school. 

It’s important for students to express their opinions to their peers in an orderly manner as it can help improve the environment at the school. Students should feel comfortable talking about changes that can be made to the school and in turn the school should be able to react to feedback from the majority who attend. Aliso has already responded to large complaints and brought necessary changes throughout the school year already, proving they are indeed listening.

Aliso Niguel has seen numerous changes throughout the recent school year, with notable changes being the introduction of vegan options to the school lunch. Another interesting change was the addition of bars near the stem building that seem to be trying to fix a problem most students hadn’t even experienced.

Cade Jackson (11) stated, “It kind of felt like a massive waste of effort to put the bars up when I could literally just walk over them. They should’ve probably focused on fixing other stuff rather than doing this. In fact, it could probably lead to more kids tripping if they don’t see them.”

Despite the previous changes, students still wish to see more in the 2024 school year at Aliso. First, starting with the wide array of problems with the bathrooms, from vape clouds filling the stalls to admins managing the bathrooms with a slow line, they continue to remain an issue. Especially for the boys who have a total of two functioning bathrooms, excluding the lockeroom and stadium bathrooms.

Daniel Nasiby (11) talked about a certain issue bothering him with the bathroom, stating, “My biggest complaint is that I have to choose between the moshpit of vape kids during passing period or an inconveniently slow line that, when I get to the front, realize I could have just skipped because all the urinals were free. I just kind of wish that the school could at least open up more bathrooms just to make it more convenient in total.”

Recently, the school has begun opening the stem building bathrooms, reflecting a positive step for kids wanting needed changes for the Aliso bathrooms.

Another change asked profusely by Aliso students is open access to the stem building, which was advertised by the school before the building opened officially. When the school initially opened, students were able to go through the stem building freely to go to their classes, but unfortunately that didn’t last long due to vandalism seen in the bathrooms.

A future lawyer, Xander Bahadursing (12) valiantly argued, “I wish I could go into the stem building for my AP Chem class. At the same time though, I get why they decided to close it off.”

Many students are wishing for more open access to come to Aliso, but only time will tell if they will be implemented.