Tesla Announces New Car


AFP via Getty Images

The Tesla Model 3 (R) electric car is unveiled during Tesla’s official launch event in Bangkok on December 7, 2022. (Photo by Lillian SUWANRUMPHA / AFP) (Photo by LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP via Getty Images)

Tesla motors has assumed a large presence in the car market, sporting their electric cars. The rise of electric cars can be primarily attributed to the dominance of Tesla and its affordability. Tesla currently has several models: The Model X, Model S, Model Y, and Model 3. The most popular model so far has been the Model Y, primarily due to its combined size and affordability. The prices of all models have increased considerably, which has only increased consumption of the Tesla models. 

On March 10, Tesla officially announced its newest car, the Model 2 (or Model Q). While the engineers refer to the prototype as the Model 2, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has emphasized that the company will not use the former name. 

Regardless of the name, the car is supposed to be positioned below the Model 3. Tesla has gone so far as to announce the price of the new car to start at $25,000. Musk declares that he aims the Tesla to be more economical and cater to a larger portion of the market. The company also believes that it will attract more consumers in other nations. This affordability can be attributed to the fact that the company has found a way to cheaply produce the Model 3, reducing the costs by about 50%. The newer method involves a manufacturing process that allows parts to be assembled independently and re-assembled with 30% more efficiency. 

The prototype of the car has not officially been released, but there is a teaser video on Twitter. Analysts think the car will be somewhat similar to a hatchback with “the short, squat stance.” There are also rumors regarding a much more efficient battery. The newer ones are “about 35% smaller than conventional batteries” and can bring about 16% more range per kilowatt-hour. 

Tesla has launched the expansion of its Tesla Nevada Gigafactory, geared towards building a newer section for cells. Once the expansion is completed, Tesla will be able to produce extensively and enable the distribution of a considerable amount of newer vehicles. 

While the model is speculated to be officially launched in the end of 2023 to 2024, there are considerable predictions being made about the rise of electrical vehicles in homes. Officials believe that it will be a car targeted towards young individuals, especially due to its accessible cost. The car is said to be one of the top priorities of the new Model. 

There are additional rumors about the use of the vehicle. Musk asserts that the company will be distributing the new model as fully autonomous, and that buyers can expect this functionality to be efficient upon purchase. As of flow, Tesla is still developing its autonomous driving technology, but does make it available in current models. 

As the plans for the model unfold, car buyers and car sellers alike are looking toward the newest features. Equally invested are Tesla’s competitors, who are in full gear producing electric vehicles and careering to the market.