Oscar Nominees

Oscar Nominations have been revealed, with the planned date for the broadcast being set on March 12 at 5:00 p.m. This will be the 95th Oscars ceremony to date, with Jimmy Kimmel hosting throughout the show. The goal of the Academy Awards is to highlight the very best movies of the past year and to show off the specific aspects of movies and the people making them that deserve to be appreciated.

The Academy Award nominations for best picture this year include the movies “The Banshees of Inisherin,” “Elvis,” “Avatar 2,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” “All Quiet on the Western Front,” “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” “The Fabelmans,” “Women Talking,” “Triangle of Sadness,” and “Tár.” The winner of this award is currently up in the air, but some ANHS students have their minds set on which film should win.

“I’m biased so I want ‘Top Gun Maverick’ to win,” said Kaia Kirby (12).

“I’m a fan of ‘Avatar 2,’ that has to win,” said Terrence Giovianniello (12).

The nominations for Best Actor this year include Brendan Fraser in “The Whale,” Austin Butler as Elvis, Colin Farrell in “The Banshees of Inisherin,” Paul Mescal in “Aftersun,” and Bill Nighy in “Living.” These actors have been praised for their performances by many critics, with Brendan Fraser and Austin Butler’s performances being particularly popular among audiences. 

As for the Best Actress nominations, the following performances have been chosen by the Academy: Cate Blanchett in “Tár,” Ana De Armas in “Blonde,” Adrea Riseborough in “To Leslie,” Michelle Williams in “The Fabelmans,” and Michelle Yeoh in “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

ANHS student Reed Collins thinks that “The lady from ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ was pretty good. I also liked her husband in the movie too.”

The nominees for Best Director this year are Martin McDonagh for “The Banshees of Inisherin,” Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert for “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” Steven Spielberg for “The Fabelmans,” Todd Field for “Tar,” and Ruben Ostlund for “Triangle of Sadness.” The directors this year are a varied list of both veterans in the movie business who have won multiple Oscars, and newcomers with promising talent.

While the nominations this year are certainly deserved, many people consider numerous other films and performances to have been snubbed from winning an award. Films like “Nope” and “The Northman” are noticeably absent this year, despite being successful among critics and audiences. Performances by Viola Davis in “The Woman King” and Paul Dano in both “The Batman” and “The Fabelmans” are absent as well, resulting in claims that these actors were snubbed, and are deserving of a nomination.

ANHS student Jake Yelvington believes that “‘Aftersun,’ ‘Bones and All,’ ‘The Northman,’ and ‘The Whale’ all deserved a nomination, the academy was wrong for that.”

Complaints about The Oscars are not new, there has always been an outcry against the nominations and the quality of the program. However, there is no denying that The Oscars do have a major influence over conversations all throughout America, and that viewers will surely be discussing the outcome of the ceremony.