Eureka! Restaurant Opening

The popular American cuisine restaurant Eureka! is expected to open in the Aliso Viejo town center by March 13. Expected to replace Panera Bread’s former location, next to Trader Joe’s and Walgreens, the chain restaurant has been busy setting up. 

They have also been working to find employees to work at the bar, as well as servers. They are currently hosting a hiring fair, from Feb. 13 to Feb. 25 on every day of the week plus Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

The menu consists of many different burger options, tacos, sandwiches, and healthy salads. It also has a detailed drink menu. 

It also has “hoppy hour.” A time every few days where different alcoholic beverages, appetizers, and desserts will be discounted. 

According to Yelp, the restaurant has reasonable prices on their meals, being given two dollar signs on Yelp for their prices. With the reasonable prices and casual dining scenery, this makes it appealing for high-school students who look forward to trying out Eureka! when it opens. 

Cole Phister (12) explains, “I love American food and I feel like there aren’t too many sit down restaurants around besides California Pizza Kitchen so I think it’ll serve as a nice addition to Aliso and Laguna Niguel.”

Parker Harrison (12) says, “There’s a lot of fast food in that area so it gives a different option which is good but I’m really excited for Lupes that is going in next door.” 

Lupes is a popular Mexican restaurant in Dana Point that will be going in right next to the Eureka! restaurant shortly after. It is a more grab and go restaurant, with many different burrito, taco, and enchilada options. 

  Aliso Niguel High School as well as citizens of Aliso Viejo and Dana Point look forward to trying out the new restaurant, and potentially finding a new hit spot for families and friends to dine together.