Boys Soccer Begins League

The boys soccer team has entered the league and is successful with a record of 5 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie. Their first league game was on January 11th, against San Clemente which they won 1 to 0. Their next game was against San Juan High School which they won 3 to 0. Their third game was against Mission Viejo High School which they lost 1 to 0. On the 18th they played against Capistrano Valley High School, they won their game by 1 goal, making the final score 1 to 0. During league the boys soccer team plays every team twice, the South Coast League consists of San Clemente, San Juan, Mission Viejo, and Capistrano Valley. 

Most recently the boys played San Clemente for a second time on the 23rd, which ended in a tie. At half-time Aliso was losing by 1, then two minutes into the second half they were scored on again, making the score 2 to 0 favoring San Clemente. However, with 25 minutes left in the game, Talan Chauncey (11) scored. As Aliso began to come back, the game became extremely intense as yellow cards began flying. Jackson Gieger got fouled by getting tripped, so he got a free kick outside the box with 2 minutes left. The free kick gave Tyler Queen the opportunity to goal, curling it near the post at the last second. 

The next game lacked the intensity compared to the previous game. The Wolverines played against San Juan High School. The score remained 0-0 throughout the entire game, until Jackson Gieger scored a goal with 2 minutes left. Geiger (11) reflected on the game exclaiming, “These are my guys, we’ve fought through adversity and I just know that we’ll ride with each other til the wheel fall off”. Geiger explained that the boys have a strong bond which contributed to their fight back. 

On the 27th, the boys soccer team played against Mission Viejo for a second time. They lost to them the first time they played in the league, however in this game the boys fought back with a 3 to 0 victory over Mission. Early in the game Ryan Mann (12) Captain on Aliso soccer scored giving the Wolverines an early lead over Mission. Gavyn Nobles (11) had an outstanding game, showcasing his talent in the game with 2 goals. He scored in the first and second half in order to give the Wolverines a significant lead over Mission. Nobles declared that the team always “sets the bar high” in order to “progress”. For the remainder of the game Mission’s offense had a few good shots on goal, however, they were blocked by the defense and the goalie. Luke Simpson (11), who plays defense, played a great game to keep Mission offense from making a comeback. Simpson explained the progress the team has made throughout the season. Concluding that it has been phenomenal to “watch the team grow over the season”. The boys were extremely excited to win the game, especially since the previous loss. 

The Wolverines have used teamwork and their abilities in order to be successful in league. Their hardwork and dedication has given them the opportunity to be in CIF. Hopefully the boys will continue to showcase their talents and work together as they take on more teams this season.