Valentines Themed Products

Valentine’s Day dates back to the people of the Middle Ages who believed that Feb. 14 saw the start of the mating season for birds, and when this theory was added to the legends of Saint Valentine, it started to make sense that this day would be the one to celebrate lovers. Nowadays, every year over, one billion Valentine’s Day note cards are purchased.

As Valentine’s rolls around, many brands want to appeal to the public and create the next hot Valentine’s gift. The products created all have similar white, pink and red color themes. It is how the product is executed that would win the public heart over. At the same time, traditional Valentine’s Day items are all popular picks amongst couples and lovers. 

“The drop I am the most excited for is The Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Valentine’s Day’ that is set to drop in late February,” said Josh Ferrer (12).

This shoe has a sail, pink, and red color scheme, as well as a heart design on the pink lace dubrae and the heel, which is pushed into the leather. On the midsole, a little heart sits next to the initial I. Heart-shaped cherries drop from the tail of the Swoosh logo on the upper, which is new for 2023. It appears on both the tongue label and the insoles. Finally, a small Swoosh logo lies inside the primary logo’s belly. Despite the fact that Nike has an in-house design team, the corporation is always looking for outside creatives with a fresh perspective on what’s being produced and released into the market.

“I always anticipate the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate that are always being sold in stores! Sometimes they even come with a teddy bear!” said Reede Hendel (11).

How chocolate became a staple on Valentine’s Day actually has a history behind it. The Cadbury family was not only famous in England for selling tea, coffee, and drinking chocolates; they also rose to popularity and fortune with their chocolate advancements throughout the 1800s. In 1861, Richard Cadbury and his brother George Cadbury took over the firm with the goal of improving the drinking chocolate recipe. The business created Fancy Boxes, which are exactly what they sound like: attractively designed chocolate-filled boxes. So, using the leftover cocoa butter, Cadbury created a new line of “eating chocolates” and decided to sell the product in heart-shaped boxes advertised as the ideal Valentine’s Day gift in 1868.

Many different colors and styles of teddy bears also are released every Valentine’s Day. Since the introduction of Valentine’s teddy bear in 1902, he has quickly become a favorite present for men to give to their wives and girlfriends to communicate their amorous feelings. The bear is supposed to deliver a hug and a sense of warmth and love.

As Feb. 14 comes, many couples will begin to buy each other their favorite Valentine’s Day products. Hopefully, students at Aliso Niguel High School will have a fulfilling Valentine’s Day!