Boys Soccer Starts Their Season

The boys soccer team had their debut on Wednesday, winning their game against Orange High School. Last year the soccer team won the league title, but they lost in the quarterfinals of CIF. The boys lost 16 of 24 varsity players this season as they graduated last year, so the team has been reconstructed and a majority of the players are juniors. 

Alex Fafilek (11) said, “We’ve been playing pretty good lately, I think because we’re a completely different team this year compared to last year we still need some work, but I think once we get going we’ll be good in league.” While the team is on the younger side, they played excellently against Orange. 

The ending score against Orange High School was 2-0 with a Wolverine victory. The Wolverines had many shots on goal, as well as then having several that our goalie saved.

One amazing shot on goal was made by Ryan Hubbard (11)  however, he was called offsides, so it did not count. 

Grant Snyder (11) scored the first goal of the game; he played midfielder and his goal changed the atmosphere of the game. Giving the Wolverines the momentum to score another goal and win the game. 

Shortly after the first, Talen Chauncey (11) scored the second goal, tipping the ball right over the goalies head to score. 

The boys celebrated winning their first game of the season, which was a testament to all their hard work and dedication in practice. This was a lot of players’ first varsity appearance which gave them more confidence to be able to compete with all the other teams they will face later in the season.

Tyler Queen (11), who got the JV award of MVP last season, said he is “content” with the season so far, as the boys have not reached their full potential and it is only the beginning of the season. As it is preseason this is the time for athletes to work out kinks and for the team to come together and synchronize themselves for the league games. 

The next preseason game was Wednesday the 7th, where the boys soccer team played against Irvine, the score was 1-0 with another Wolverine victory. 

This game the boys scored early in the first half, as Jason Starks (11) took a shot on goal that the goalie blocked, however, it rebounded to Takudzwa Kajese (9) who scored. Kajese is the youngest player on the team being a freshman, so the boys were very excited for him being able to dominate against the older opponents. 

The game was very close as any wrong move could tie up the game. The boys fought hard to keep Irvine from dribbling up the field and kept the ball with the Wolverine offense a majority of the time. But there were some frightening moments where Irvine would break away with the ball. The entire stands held their breath hoping that Irvine would not tie up the game. 

Thankfully the goalie, Ethan Sullivan (11) saved a couple close shots on goal, giving the Wolverines the opportunity to maintain their lead against Irvine and remain undefeated. 

Jason Starks (11) exclaimed, “I have a good feeling this team is going to do very well in the league tournament, we’ve already made a lot of chemistry between all the players and I hope to see what we look like at our peak.” The boys’ soccer team still has a lot of progress to make before league, but they have been doing excellent so far, hopefully their win streak continues.