What is the Best Season?

With the coming change of seasons, people have very different opinions on the climatic and social impacts soon to arrive. For many students, there is an easily superior season compared with the others, whether based on school-related implications, personal preferences on weather, or seasonal aesthetics.
Many different opinions and viewpoints on the seasons, and rather which one is the best, are perpetually present throughout the school and vary from person to person depending on their priorities.

A personal favorite, and certain others’ opinions as well, is the preference for winter over all other seasons. Not only does the weather become significantly colder, but the arrival of snow and more rain also allows for fashion trends to change along with this. For all the sweater and coat lovers out there, winter easily takes the top spot as thus the greatest and coldest season. However, the most prevalent reason for winter’s popularity is that winter is the season of many beloved holidays, the most widely celebrated being Christmas.

For example, Kaila Kelly (11)  shares this opinion, explaining, “I like winter because it gets me into the Christmas spirit.”

With such popularity, many other students prefer winter too, among which is Stephen LaRocca (11), who claims that his favorite season is “winter because it provides that nice chill weather. You can dress in warm outfits. Also, being cold is better than being in sweaty oblivion.”

On the other hand, a prevalent opinion, specifically among students, is that summer is the best season, simply for the reason that school is not in session for the majority of the summer months. Also, the hotter weather and lack of freezing temperatures could be appealing to many of Aliso Niguel’s students, considering they are all southern California residents, infamously known for their inability to handle cold weather. Also, the ability to spend time with friends without the constant stress of school and homework certainly does not hurt its appeal.

One of the students that prefers summer is Cindy Yang (11), who says, “My favorite season is summer because I love warm weather and bright sunshine. Personally, I dislike gloomy weather.”

Generally, summer and winter are the only seasons mentioned in people’s opinions due to their extreme and definitive nature, as opposed to the more neutral seasons of autumn and spring.

The current season is autumn, well known for the falling leaves and semi-cool temperatures. It is the home of Halloween and Thanksgiving, two holidays widely celebrated by Americans. The love for candles, pumpkins, and the color orange everywhere generally skyrockets around this season. It is also widely regarded as the beginning of “sweater weather,” when it is cold enough to start wearing warmer clothes.

Lastly, the season of spring, unofficially known as the season of allergies, exists as a season that some people could hypothetically say is their favorite. People who like flowers enough for them to be the defining factor, assuming they can even look at them without sneezing out their entire nasal cavity, might like spring this much. Otherwise, spring is the deserved most unpopular season with unmemorable aesthetics, less popular holidays, and the hateful home of hay fever.

At the end of the day, the seasonal debates will forever remain a mostly preference and idea-based opinion on what one imagines each season should be like. Aliso Viejo does not really experience much seasonal change, considering it remains more or less the same year-round. Residents in Aliso Viejo receive neither the signature crunchy leaves of fall nor the picturesque snowfall of winter. On top of that, the temperature rarely goes much higher than 88°F or lower than 42°F.

Having opinions on the seasons while living in Aliso Viejo is ultimately a moot point, as it does not seriously affect anyone’s life, generally seeming to be with the intention of proving a point rather than actually caring about the seasons.