Football Ends League with a Lost to San Juan

Friday night signaled the last league game of the 2022 season for the Wolverines as they traveled out to San Juan Hills High School to face the Stallions. Aliso Niguel lost 31-14 and although the loss was a somber way to end off league, the game came with its own highlights.

San Juan Hills was ranked first in the Sea View League, pulling off a 47-3 win over El Toro High School and a 34-17 win against Trabuco Hills. 

Coming into the game Aliso had the potential to take the league title from San Juan Hills. 

With a win against El Toro the Wolverines had put themselves in a position to take league away from the Stallions. 

“We win and we win the league title. We knew it was one of the best opponents we were going to play, so we had to play well” explained Coach Callahan. 

San Juan Hills scored a touchdown in the first quarter of the game to put the first points on the board. Their second touchdown of the game resulted from a fumble by the Wolverines on the 23 yard line which led to a 77 yard touchdown by the Stallions making the score 14-0. With an extra field goal at the end of the second quarter, the score was 17-0 going into the second half. 

Going into the second half Coach Callahan was focused on improving the Wolverines own game, 

“Keep playing our game. Come out and get the ball. Our goal was to get the ball to the second half kick off and drive down and score. Get some momentum going.” 

The second half brought Aliso onto the scoreboard with a rushing touchdown by quarterback Hunter Najum (11), making the score 17-7. In response, San Juan scored a touchdown and brough the score up to 24-7.

Into the 4th quarter the Stallions cemented their lead with a touchdown, the score 31-7. 

As the Stallions pushed away Coach Callahan subbed in Senior Samuel McPherson. Sam has played one other time this season in Aliso’s game against Alta Loma. On the 30 yard line San was handed off the ball leading to a 70 yard touchdown in the final minutes of the game. 

Coach Callahan described it as the highlight of the game.

“You have to tip your hat to San Juan Hills for having the class to allow us to do that. It was definitely the highlight of the game.”

With the team reaching the end of league and scheduled to play their first CIF game against Crean Lutheran High School. This will be the teams first CIF game since Coach Callahan took over as head coach in 2020. 

At the beginning of league Coach Callahan described his goal saying he hopes to teach the game to the players on the team. Reflecting back on that statement he believes the program had accomplished just that. 

“A lot of guys have come such a long way since the Canyon game. We’ve got some guys that can actually play the game of football now. In the playoffs it will be exciting to see what we can do now that we’re ready to roll.”