The Girls Volleyball Team Becomes Four-Time League Champions

This year has been a challenging season for the Girls Volleyball team at Aliso Niguel High School. All of the players and coaches have worked incredibly hard to keep up with their outstanding reputation. The team is known for being the best at the game and they did not disappoint this year. Despite all their hardships and struggles in this season, the team still managed to win first place in the South Coast League for the fourth time in a row. 

When asked about their performance, Head Coach Richie responded saying that, “We have started off the season very strong. In the beginning we went through some rough times just figuring out what was going to work for us but I think we’re playing good volleyball together. 

“They’re a great group of girls that you don’t have to demand hard work out of, our captains are handling the expectations really well and are doing their best to make sure the team is mentally healthy and working hard everyday.” 

Last year the team won the title of both South Coast League Champions and CIFSS Champions. They have earned for themselves a reputation of being an incredibly talented and hard working team. In doing so, each and every game is filled with so much love and sportsmanship from each team, the coaches, and the stands. Everyone loves to cheer on the Girls Varsity team as they win points on the court.

Unfortunately, the girls lost for the first time this year, on Oct, 10. against San Clemente High School. It was a brutal loss for the wolverines, in three sets, with a final set score of 25-13. This was an incredible setback for the girls, who aren’t familiar with losing. 

Varsity player Rian Barr says that her and her fellow teammates are going to try to “focus on the game itself and not the circumstances around it.” Their key strategy is to keep their minds on winning the point at hand, not winning the tournament overall. 

However, the girls could not manage to recover from the loss and lost again, against San Juan Hills High School on Oct. 12. However, the outcome of the last two South Coast League games did not stop the girls from winning and they still became League champions. The team still managed to win first place in the tournament

After their last League game against San Juan Hills High, the team must enter a new battle as CIFFS is coming around the corner. At the moment, the Girls Volleyball team is currently practicing nonstop in preparation for their next tournament. Only time will tell whether or not their hard work will continue to pay off.