Which Halloween Candy is the Best?

Halloween is coming up soon, but what treats make up the lively spirit of the holiday? One of the main activities we participate in on Halloween is trick-or-treating, where we receive tons and tons of delicious candy.

The best candy, however, can be different for every trick-or-treater.

The #1 favored candy in the entire country is Reese’s Pieces. This cannot be argued with when considering the elements that contribute to the taste. The peanut taste along with the sweet richness of the chocolate creates a perfect balance for our taste buds.

Some may say that chocolate, such as Hershey’s, is the best candy. Others may disagree and say that a sweeter taste makes the best candy, such as Smarties. The favor of a specific candy can be related to the diversity of candy (texture, flavor, size, etc.) It can depend on whether the consumer prefers King-sized candy bars (as most do), or if they prefer little bite-sized candies. 

After interviewing students based on their favorite candy, the results confirmed the distinction between each student’s answer. Noelle Nguyen, (12), claims that “Reese’s Pieces is the best candy. It just hits the spot, y’know?” 

Other students, such as Aidan Lee, (12), argue that “Skittles go hard. They’re legit the best. Every year I look forward to Halloween so I can get some of them good Skittles” Some prefer the brittle, nuttier taste while others may prefer a sweet taste.

Although people prefer a lot of candy types, people also dislike many candies. Josh Ferrer, (12), believes that “Gobstoppers suck. It’s like I put it in my mouth and it just… doesn’t taste good. Like, at all. Tootsie Rolls are also pretty trash. They got no flavor to ‘em.” 

Katherine Ringsmith, (12), explains how “candy corn tastes weird. It’s a Halloween icon but there’s no flavor to it. The little flavor it has is boring. Overhyped.”

On a personal level, the best candy is Sour Patch Watermelon. The hard shell quickly collapses into a softer texture, releasing a sweet watermelon taste. Following Sour Patch Watermelon is Swedish Fish. Swedish Fish also has a hard outer texture with a soft gel inside. Gel-filled candy rank at the top of the list.

The best texture for Halloween candy is a crunchy type. Take Kit-Kats, for example. The crunch when you bite into the chocolate leaves you wanting for more. Candies with a gummy texture do not create that kind of experience and satisfaction. Candies with a good crunch to them include Nerds, M&M’s, etc.

The worst Halloween candy consists of Butterfingers, Nestle Crunch, Milk Duds, and others. Any candy with a nutty taste to it, besides Reese’s Pieces, is not very satisfying. Milk Duds have a boring taste to them, there is not any excitement.

The diverse amount of candy created and consumed during Halloween ultimately unites us all. Even though some may enjoy a salty candy compared to others who prefer the sweetest of them all, in the end we all enjoy spending our Halloween eating our sweets.