Homecoming In October?

This year’s homecoming for the 2022-2023 school year will be taking place on Oct. 22, contrary to the usual September homecoming. Students have mixed opinions on this late homecoming, especially considering that other schools are having their homecoming at the usual time. 

Logan Hull (12) said, “I like that our homecoming is later than other schools. The first month of school is pretty hectic and with it being in October I feel like I have enough time to prepare for it.”

Homecoming in October gives students time to prepare and plan for the dance, and does not add to the stress of getting adjusted back to school. Although, many also have other opinions about the later date.

Nicholas Trieu (11) said, “I don’t like that homecoming is later because I feel like it’s meant to be at the very beginning of the year and October just feels too late.”

Similarly, Reede Hendel (11) said, “other schools are having their homecoming while we have to wait another month…I prefer it being in September.” 

Many seem to have anticipated homecoming to be in September, and were surprised to see that it was set back so late. The setback was not only unfamiliar to students, but also caused confusion on why the school has a later dance than others. 

Hosanna Eyob (12) says, “I honestly don’t care when homecoming is, as long as it’s in the beginning of the year and not too late.”

Although this year’s homecoming is late, it still keeps its familiarity of being hosted at school and towards the beginning of the year.