Aliso Niguel’s Eco Freako Club

The Eco Freako Club reaches out to others at Aliso Niguel High School for the sake of bringing awareness of present-day environmental issues. While learning about the natural world, those in the club are able to help benefit the Earth that allows life to exist. 

In fall of 2019, alumni Adele Giovanniello created Aliso Niguel’s Eco Freako Club. Since then, the club has been thriving to maintain a clean and sustainable school campus. One of their first accomplishments began with the school’s approval for installing a water fountain for refilling bottles in the school, which is now located outside of the 500 hall. In addition to their achievements, the club found as well as upcycled a total of 361 tennis balls that were left behind on the tennis courts and blacktop during the 2021-2022 school year. As they result in much success, the Eco Freakos continue to encourage their goals of reducing cafeteria food waste and recycling more often.

In regard to getting involved with the club, Vice President Alyssa Draper (11) brings forward, “We [The Eco Freako Club] are able to take part in the school and join together everybody who is willing to protect the environment.” 

The club provides a positive and safe space for all students who would like to develop their role in assisting the world. Many volunteers found themselves having a fun bonding experience amongst their peers. Additionally, several students have been able to get out of their comfort zone, branch out to others, and make new friends.

Club members and their friends have the opportunity to join the Eco Freako’s peaceful protests on mornings before school. For the most part, the protests take place at the drop off loop before entering the portables in school. Up to this point, the club has protested for climate action and women’s reproductive rights. They welcome anyone who would also like to play a part in the protests.

The Instagram of the Eco Freako Club provides further information when needed. The club profile page puts together resources and specific details on how to transform regular routines to eco-friendly routines. A few of their Instagram posts have the latest news on the Earth and education so that everybody in the school can become more environmentally conscious. Most importantly, they post meetings along with volunteering dates and the fun activities that members in the club get to be involved in.

Beginning on Sep. 28, club meetings will be held every other Wednesday during lunch in P-1. In the course of that time, weekly updates, such as plans and volunteering activities, will be announced. Officers have to find as many availability dates for volunteering to maneuver around anybody’s schedule. In concern for the Earth, the club uses their utmost ability to create the best possible conditions in the world.

“Overall, the Eco Freako club is a really fun experience where people are able to help each other and the Earth grow,” says President of the Eco Freako Club, Ana Campos (11).