New Freshman Cheer Team

A new freshman-level cheer team has joined the Aliso Pep Squad this 2022-2023 school year. They will be cheering at JV and freshman football games along with the JV Song and Cheer teams. This is a new addition to the ANHS Pep Squad, as there has never been a freshman-level team before.

This team is being coached by Faith Charles, the previous JV Sideline coach and a second-year coach who is an Aliso Niguel alumni and former Varsity member. They will also be cheering at some varsity football games, as well as the JV and Freshman basketball games during the winter sports season. They will further be attending competitions and representing Aliso in the freshman cheer category at competitions.

The new team was just added to the program this year to accommodate the large influx of incoming freshmen trying out. This allows them the opportunity to participate in the cheer team at any skill level, as freshmen have the possibility of earning spots anywhere from the freshman, JV, and Varsity teams. On the freshman team, they can improve their skills and learn while working to move up into the JV or Varsity cheer team. 

Personally seeing the efforts during the shared practice times, current member, Aubrey Holguin (10), states, “The freshmen on the new team work really hard at practices.” 

Students will be able to see the freshman cheer team in action at any of the JV or Freshman football games that take place almost every Thursday after school. They will also soon be visible on the Aliso Niguel Pep Squad website.

However, this is the only team on the entire Aliso Pep Squad that determines membership based on grade, as it is only an option for incoming freshmen or ninth graders. JV teams are open to anyone from ninth to 11th grade, while athletes can make the Varsity teams at any grade level in the school. Although there are grade limitations, the freshman team still holds substantial numbers, close in size to the JV team.

The addition of the freshman team increases the number of crowd leaders and pep squad members in the school, aiming for the improvement of school spirit at sporting events and pep rallies. 

Emma Partington (10), a Varsity Cheer athlete who is cheering her first year on Varsity this season, also adds, “They are a small and nice team that has cool skills.” 

These athletes are working hard during morning practices before school, proving the positive effects of this small, new addition to the school.

The freshmen team, in addition to the other teams part of the Pep Squad, will also be running this year’s Kids Camp on Saturday, Sept. 12. After this, the Pep Squad, along with the kids, will be performing during halftime at the Varsity Football game on Friday, Sept. 30. This game will also be Neon Night and Community Night. Various members of the community that are associated with the school attend, such as students from both the local elementary schools and middle schools.