School Opinions So Far


 While students and teachers from Aliso Niguel High School settle back into their usual rhythm for school, students share their mixed opinions about the new policies, the campus, the new systems, and their ability to balance out their school work. But do all students believe the policies are beneficial and necessary? 

The new tardy policy has sparked mixed opinions amongst the school body.

Alaina N. Villa (10) disapproves of the new tardy policy as she shares, “I believe the policy for getting lunch detention for the first warning is very strict as there is a limited time to eat lunch.”

The new rule has gained controversial opinions but seems to have severely decreased the number of students arriving late to class.

Another popular topic amongst students is about the campus bathrooms. Many argue and complain about how unhygienic or how unclean the bathrooms are. Many students object to going to the bathroom during school hours.

 Kaden Christensen (10) further explains “how unsanitary it is and how the bathrooms usually don’t provide soap or paper towels.”

However, the staff at Aliso Niguel tries their best to provide a clean campus and create a safe environment for all students. 

Furthermore, Aliso Niguel introduces a new system for Wolverine Plus as students can now choose which tutorial they want to attend by scheduling themselves in their classes with Enriching Students. Enriching students opens for all students to schedule themselves for the upcoming week every Friday. 

Wolverine Plus allows each student to attend their chosen class for 30 minutes to either get help on their subject or work on homework. But each tutorial class can hold a limited number of students.

Avery Hwang shares (11), “a student should be allowed to go to a teacher’s wolverine plus class even if they are full because that is not an efficient method of getting help.”

Wolverine Plus provides time for a student to seek help in a subject by meeting with their teacher one on one, but with the large number of students attending the same class, it is difficult for all students to get the help they need. 

College Board and AP registration has officially opened for the 2022-2023 school year. Students focus on balancing their school work with extracurriculars, AP classes, sports, and piles of homework. Numerous students already feel the pressure of maintaining their busy schedule.

Hannah Lee (11) adds, “school has been tough with balancing multiple APs and maintaining a good sleep schedule.” On average, a highschool student sleeps around 7 hours a night. However, with a new bell schedule introduced, students have more time to prepare for another school day. 

The 2022-2023 school year kicks off with a fresh start as Aliso Niguel High School however the transition from one year to another has been met with drastic changes to the school environment.