Return of Prom

After a two year hiatus, Prom is officially returning to Aliso Niguel. Last year, ASB was able to put together a Vegas Night for the outgoing seniors, but many precautions were taken and activities were limited. This year’s Prom will be held on May 21 at the Bowers Museum.

Tickets went on sale April 18 and are $85 with an ASB card and $95 without. They are available for purchase online or in person at the Wolverine Marketplace.

The theme for this year is old fashioned Hollywood, with ASB being inspired by the glitz and glam of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

The venue is an art museum located in Santa Ana, and displays art from almost every continent as well as ancient cultures. Recently the museum displayed a costume exhibit featuring various costumes used by Disney lms.

Molly DeWees (11) says “I’m super excited for Prom! I love the theme and can’t wait to see the food and decorations that are inspired by Hollywood.”

Currently there are no vaccination requirements or COVID-19 restrictions set to be in place for Prom. The dance will take place inside, unlike Winter Formal. Students are welcome to wear masks, but they will not be required to attend.

Many students are excited for Prom to return, and the fact that it’s on a Saturday. Ava Messerschmidt (11) says, “I’m really glad that Prom is on a Saturday and not a Friday. It was really hard to get ready for Winter Formal with such limited time, and it made it hard to enjoy.”

Dress code for dances is still applied for Prom, and students must dress accordingly. Prom often includes long dresses which many students are excited about.

Ava Messerschmidt says “I’m most excited for Prom because of how formal it is. I can’t wait to see everyone’s longer dresses!”

While there will be snacks and some desserts at Prom, no dinner course will be served at the event. The dance will be held from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.,and students are not permittedto leave until 9 p.m. If students wish to ride in a vehicle with 12 or more people, a limo/ bus contract must be signed and filled out, and returned the week before the event.