Senior Awards

  Senior Awards are now just around the corner, scheduled for May 24, 2022. The ceremony will start at 6 pm, at Wolverine Stadium, and any student is welcome.

  For those who are unaware, Senior Awards are a yearly event in order to recognize those at Aliso Niguel High School that have gone above and beyond in every aspect such as academics, character and athleticism. Winning any award is a significant achievement, as anyone recipient has had to work especially hard throughout their four years of high school.

Although awards have not been given out yet, the categories and some nominees are expected to be shown.

The award categories include academic achievements such as “Academic Distinction” which is dedicated towards every student who has achieved a 3.5-4.0 grade point average every year throughout high school.

Following the Academic Distinction award is honoring the Valedictorians, who have gotten a grade point average of 4.0 or above every year of high school. Also those who have participated in reputable academic organizations at Aliso such as National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation and those who earned the Seal of Biliteracy are also expected to be honored.

  The last specially academic award is the Scholar of Scholars award, and is arguably the most prestigious award of the night. The Scholar of Scholars award is given to the individual with the highest grade point average of the entire senior class, a big achievement amongst an academically focused school such as Aliso Niguel.

Two awards for athletic ability are also anticipated throughout the evening. The female athlete and male athlete of the year are expected to be given a trophy commemorating their dedication to their sport(s) they have played in, and also honored for not only their athleticism but also their teamwork and skill as well.

  A culmination of all these awards is the Wolverine of the Year award, a very prestigious achievement. Five of the nominees, Ashley Chan, Kurt Chesney, Kelley Graham, Michael Laderer, and Danyelle Silberman have already been chosen, and the winner of the overall award is expected to be unveiled at Senior Awards.

  Senior Awards is a great way to honor our graduat- ing seniors, especially those who have shown so much dedication throughout their now ending journey of high school.