Summer 2022 Things to Do

With barely a few weeks left of school, it’s time to start thinking about summer plans. A lot of students have trips with family already planned out. Esther Page (10) says, “I’m going to go visit some relatives in Maine and probably hang out with my friends a lot.” However, there are still more things to do before the next school year.

A good place to start is visiting local amusement parks with family and friends. Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are the most popular even though they can be expensive. At Disneyland California Adventure in June, they have the Grad Nite Reunion. They showcase graduation classes over the past six decades and have an after-hours party when the theme park closes to regular visitors. It’s meant to bring nostalgia and fun, which is a great way for seniors to spend their summer.

Six Flags also has a Senior Grad Nite. It is a completely private event only open to seniors and chaperones. They have movies, dance areas and new roller coasters. The best part is that seniors can have front-of-the-line access to almost everything. Mariam Taheri (10) says, “I can’t wait to go to Six Flags in the summer. I’ve always liked big roller coasters.”

For people who want to stay close to Aliso Viejo, there are city events at the Town Center and other nearby places. On June 12, there will be a summer concert at the Grand Park and Town Center Amphitheater. Mark Wood and the Parrot Head Band will be playing there. There is another concert on June 19. On July 4, there will be a firework celebration at the same place.

There are also many movie nights at the Grand Park. On June 17, they will show Sing 2. July 8 will have Encanto. On July 22, they will host the movie Luca. Lastly, August 12 will showcase Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. There may be more events if the Aliso Viejo website updates.

Other ideas for the summer could be to start a new hobby like writing or skateboarding. It’s always good to try something new. Reading is another suggestion; picking up a good book is a great way to spend time. Talking about it with friends is another way to connect with people. For seniors, they could pay a visit to the college that they are going to attend and get used to the campus before moving. 

No matter what the final summer plan is, make sure to stay safe and have fun.