Boys and Girls Swimming

The swim season has started. Both teams were excited about their meets and practices. They have done fairly well. Meets usually last well over three hours while practices are around two hours. 

 After their first meet, their season looks very hopeful. The first official meet for all the teams was earlier in the month against Capo. The Black and Teal Meet was practiced for newer swimmers to be prepared for future meets.

The league competition started Mar. 15 against Tesoro at their school. 

Finally, March 29 is the last meet at Aliso against San Clemente. All the other meets after are at different locations. 

There is also a Swim-A-Fun Fundraiser on March 12 to raise money for expenses. Each swimmer has a sponsor that would pay according to the number of laps they swim. Most of the swimmers enjoy the fundraising campaign as most fundraisers help with the program and help them get new equipment and to put some money into the pool design.  The boys and girls are nervous but also excited for this month. Hopefully, both teams will do well against rival schools. Fans should attend to see the excited swimmers get back to the sport they love the most.