Girls Softball

Aliso Niguel’s softball team has been putting in the work as the spring season comes to an end. After spring break, the team went through a crucial week of practice to prepare for a game with El Dorado, but the team sadly lost 5-1.

The team has been hit or miss with their games, currently with 13 victories to 11 losses. Although not the worst record, the team has had a few close matches. This may be due to how this is the team’s first year with their new coach Mrs. Baldwin. 

As the league nears its end, the team has focused on a bit more individual practice, in an attempt to fix and resolve any issues. The team also has focused on live game scenarios to improve their real game plays.

Chloe Lesko (11), captain of the softball team commented how hopefully “The team can improve in the last few games and the team can end better than they started.”

When asked her thoughts on next year’s season, Lesko stated how “This year was a new challenge and different than the last, but by next year the team should be like it was, and be ready for the new seasons to come.”

Taylor Nelson (10) stated how “by now the team has become comfortable with each other, and we can rely on each other during the games.”

On March 5, the team won their first tournament of the season, against Trabuco Hills High School with a score of 4-1. 

The past few games for the team have been average with the team playing against El Dorado the 15th and losing 5-1. They played San Juan Hills on the 1st of April and ended up winning in a close score of 4-3. The 31st of March the team sadly barely lost to Mission Viejo by one point, the score being 6-5. The 25th of March, the team destroyed Woodbridge with a score of 9-2.

Although the year has been a bit rough for the team, the players have been thankful for the support they have received from their new coach and coach aid  Mrs.Alvarez who has been supporting Coach Baldwin as she becomes the new coach for the team.