Controversial Laws


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Gavel on Open Bible

In the recent few months, certain states have passed certain laws deemed by many to be extremely controversial. Some of these laws have restricted the rights of certain demographics. The main demographics targeted were women and LGBTQ.

Certain states have passed strict anti-abortion laws that have either severely hurt woman’s rights or even taken them away. Florida has signed a law banning abortions after 15 weeks. It does not allow abortions in cases of rape, incest, or human trafficking. It at least allows abortions if it would save the life of the mother or prevent her from serious injury. 

Another state to follow suit was Texas, which passed the “heartbeat” law. It banned abortions after 6 weeks. It is a felony for people to perform abortions. These people can be sued by other citizens for operating. This makes the increasing likelihood of illegal abortions occurring as it is outlawed. Many have expressed anger as the 6-week limit is when the majority of women begin to experience symptoms and understand they are pregnant. The majority of women do not even know they are pregnant until after. 

Women in Texas had been driving to other states to perform the abortion there if they had the financial funds to do so. The most popular state was Oklahoma, but now that will change as Oklahoma also passed an even stricter anti-abortion law. Signed by the governor a few days ago, it is now a felony and illegal to perform an abortion, no matter the timeframe. This has been the harshest anti-abortion law as it punishes the doctor heavily, a fine of almost 100,000, and denies the opportunity to receive an abolition in Oklahoma.

Another controversial law that has been a topic of discussion, is the Don’t Say Gay bill in Florida. It restricts teachers from talking about LGBTQ issues in primary school, and they must notify the student’s parents if they ever bring up any LGBTQ issues. This has been deemed harmful by many in that it limits safe space for students and it keeps other students who are not familiar with the issue closed-minded.