Beach Volleyball Finishes Out Season

The newly formed Aliso Niguel High School beach volleyball team has played their closing games of the season, and are looking to end the 2022 season. 

The addition of beach volleyball to Aliso Niguel’s roster of sports has been fairly recent, with this year being the sport’s first season ever played. The team is led by a new teacher, Ms.Tinker, who alongside coaching beach volleyball, also teaches Algebra I and II. She was a member of the beach volleyball team for Vanguard University during the 2020-2021 season, and previously played for California State University Bakersfield. Alongside Ms.Tinker, the team is also coached by Richelle Whiting, a coach for the girls indoor Aliso Niguel volleyball team as well as for the Laguna Beach Volleyball Coach.

So far the team has gone off to a great start, having 24 players officially on the roster. They began their season with their  first non league game against Santa Margarita High School on Tuesday, February 15, winning 5-0. The team also played their first league game, unfortunately losing to the formidable San Clemente High School 5-0, on Wednesday, March 2.

So far the beach volleyball team has been equally riddled with wins and losses. Though their last reported game was a league rematch to San Clemente on Thursday, March 17 with a score of 3-2 for Aliso, securing the win. With this win, the team now stands at a 4-2 win lose ratio for league games and a 6-3  ratio overall winning the slight majority of games with a 0.67% win rate this season. 

Despite the lack of scores, the team played in a tournament over the week of April 18-24, with games on the 19th and 21st. Though the tournament was likely not for league games, it was the last game on the schedule for the team.

Despite being a very new team to the scene, the beach volleyball team  has managed to place 26th in all of California, 83rd nationally, and 18th in southern California.

Their season should be considered nothing other than a success, and the program no doubt looks forward to another groundbreaking season next year.