The Morning Howl

  The Morning Howl is a broadcast produced at Aliso Niguel High School by students for students. It is a source of news, information, and entertainment for all students at ANHS.

    The Morning Howl is posted every Friday and can be found on the TV Broadcast Journalism page on the school website. It includes brand new stories every week to help keep students informed on what is happening both at school and in the community.

    There are many different positions on the production crew that help create the Morning Howl. There are anchors, reporters, writers, directors, camera people, and those who work on graphics.

    Anchors can report on many different topics such as school and community news, sports, entertainment and weather.

    All those in the TV Broadcast Journalism class will also have the opportunity to try out different roles in producing the show and will get to rotate some positions throughout the year.

    According to Elizabeth Plese (12), to join the production crew of the Morning Howl, you simply have to “enroll in the TV Broadcast Journalism course as an elective and once you are in the class you can apply to be an anchor, a writer, a director, or a camera person.”

    The class is honors weighted, and those who earn at least a B in the class are eligible to receive credit at Saddleback College for the course. It is also an opportunity for students at Aliso to learn more about video production and broadcast journalism.

    Plese (12) has several positions on the crew and is involved in things such as researching stories, making infographics, and acting as the main anchor.

    When asked what made her want to join the Morning Howl, Plese (12) said “I wanted to get more involved with the events at school especially because it’s my senior year,” and she was chosen to be the main anchor.

    She also stated “my favorite part about producing the Morning Howl is filming with my friends and choosing fun locations.”

    Sydney Ogi (12) is another member of the production team for the Morning Howl. She told the paper “I’m the weather reporter for the Morning Howl and I write stories prior to each shooting.”

    Ogi (12) said that she was motivated to join the Morning Howl “because I was always interested in video production and writing so I thought joining the morning howl was like a balance between the two.”

    She stated “My favorite part of producing the Morning Howl is when we shoot on Wednesday because I get to talk with my friends in between and find locations to film at.”

    Make sure to check out the Morning Howl each Friday on the school website and consider joining if you have an interest in TV Broadcast Journalism!