Why You Should Take Classes At Saddleback

College is one of the most popular topics discussed at school, especially about what classes to take and when to take them. It can be stressful and energy-draining to think about, but it is important. Taking classes at Saddleback over the summer or even during the school year would be great for students who are thinking about jumping ahead and maximizing their time in high school to get into a good college. 

UC schools require students to take at least one year of a Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) class. This includes drama, choir, dance, orchestra, band, theater and even some AP classes. However, many students simply do not have room for one of these classes in their schedule, so luckily taking a summer course at Saddleback counts as long as it is considered a Visual and Performing Arts class.

It would be wise to utilize summer vacations for a Saddleback class since those three months count as an entire year. Students can jump ahead in Spanish, math, anything. It can also free up a period for the next school year which can be used for studying or taking a break. 

Sreeja Kamma (10) took a Psychology course last summer and recalls that “the teachers are very nice and they answer their emails really quickly. My classmates were communicative and participated a lot.” Her classwork was done through a discussion board in Canvas, but every class is different.

Cassidy Duenas (10) says, “I took an Algebra class at Saddleback sometime in elementary or middle school. My parents wanted me to have some extra practice, and I remember being the youngest in the class. The experience was great.”

Saddleback also offers a myriad of other courses covering all subjects, even languages other than Spanish. It would still be useful for those who just want to learn more and don’t have a need to be ahead. Madelyn Roy (9) plans to take “a summer class at Saddleback because I want to learn more about something I am really interested in: introduction to Architecture. I can’t wait to learn more about this topic! I hope that this class will help me plan out my future more and gain a better understanding of the process to becoming an architect. I am so excited to take my first Saddleback class!”

Some courses are in-person while others are online through Zoom, and some require textbooks. When applying for a Saddleback class, high school students have to fill out a K-12 Form and be approved by their academic advisor. When they choose their class, there are filters to only show online or zero-textbook classes.

Overall, taking a class at Saddleback is an academically wise decision and worth the time. For specific steps on how to sign up for one, students can contact their academic advisor or follow the instructions on Saddleback’s website.