Track and Field

After a long pre-season to prepare, track and field are back in season. After their first few meets, the team is prepared for the season ahead of them.

Daniel Sohn (11) said, “It has been a great season so far. We have all been able to pull our weight. Even more, exceed lots of our goals.”

The team has been reaching several personal records as well as focusing on consistency and working together. Especially since COVID-19, the team has been enjoying having a regular season and aims to make the most out of it.

Sohn also says that he is, “looking forward to running races and moving forward with the team.”

Shane Eicholtz (10) said, “I think track has been a great experience for me so far and I am excited for the next few years I have in it. This season has already been really fun and I have met a lot of people through it too.”

Finally experiencing a normal year since 2019, track has been seeing new records and a newfound sense of teamwork and leadership from the captains.

Dylan Pence (11) said, “I was on track in freshman and sophomore year but I feel like this year has a totally different feel to it. I think everyone is just really happy to be back or to be able to experience a regular season without the restraints of COVID-19.”

Pence also said that he reached personal goals and records. 

Overall, the track season so far this year has been a time of lots of personal growth as well as teamwork. The team looks forward to the rest of the season and to seeing more improvement as the season progresses.