What’s New to Netflix

In case you have been living under a rock for the last several years, Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that allows members to view shows and movies with no commercials. The platform is constantly rotating its series and films, and releases “Netflix Originals” which stay out all year round. Founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix has quickly become the most popular streaming service with 222 million subscribers and is also very popular at ANHS. 

       In March 2022, subscribers can look forward to season two of Bridgerton, the historical romance series that was a hit after season one. The release is scheduled for March 25.

       Viewers can also expect to see Against the Ice, which is based on a true story about Denmark’s 1909 polar expedition, which airs Mar. 2. On Mar. 18, subscribers can view Human Resources, which is an animated sitcom, which is a spin-off of Big Mouth. 

       Netflix has also announced and confirmed season four of Stranger Things, and season three of Outer Banks, two of Netflix’s most popular originals. Fans have been waiting years for Stranger Thing, and it’s hard to imagine the excitement and anticipation of season four being confirmed. 

      Eden Wallin (11), explains, “I am so excited for season four, even though I am kind of annoyed it has taken so long but I feel like it builds up the anticipation.”

       Netflix is constantly rotating its materials, which means replacing shows and movies to introduce newer things. The beloved Vampire Diaries is rumored to be leaving Netflix on Mar. 18 in the U.S. 

      As the year progresses, viewers can expect new Netflix Originals, old and new movies, and other surprises that the Netflix team is keeping under wraps!