Russia vs. Ukraine

On Feb. 24, 2022, President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, just as the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy made an impassioned bid for peace. The United Nations (UN) demanded that Putin refrain from starting a war, but this movement ended up shaking up the lives of almost 44 million Ukrainians. However, it isn’t only the Ukrainians who are shaken up— the war has had a ripple effect on the entire world, essentially raising questions of the 21st-century world order.

Since then, Russian forces have invaded major Ukrainian cities. Fighting, shelling, and bombing have broken out in the streets of Ukraine as smaller groups attempt to battle the oncoming Russian army. The infrastructure of Ukraine’s major cities has been greatly destroyed as Russian forces continue with the attack.

As a response, the Ukrainian government has drafted all of its men into the army, as they are facing an extreme shortage of manpower. All men and older boys are required to stay back in the country and fight the Russians, while women and children are asked to escape. So far, about 2 million Ukrainians have fled across the border, some enduring extremely harsh conditions to escape the terror in their nation. 

Zelenskyy and Putin have had several discussions on ceasefires in order to allow evacuees to flee the warzones. However, even with a ceasefire issued last weekend, the evacuees are in no better shape. Shelling occurs and humanitarian corridors are still not clear. According to a Ukrainian official hoping to move at least 100,000 women and children in the last few hours, the goal of assisting evacuees has become difficult as the evacuation corridors are not clear.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to worsen, it has called for aid and help from other countries around the world. Although the people are suffering in Ukraine, the majority of countries have not sent any help, or have only offered to send supplies. The three powers of North America; Canada, Mexico, and the United States all condemned Russia and Putin for their actions. They all similarly agreed that Russia’s actions were unprovoked and Ukraine was unfairly attacked. The three also agreed that peace is the best option and all three have attempted to call out Russia calling for peace. As of now the three superpowers have stated that they stand with the Ukrainian people. Mexico and the U.S have begun to put sanctions on Russia in retaliation for their attacks on Ukraine. 

South Asia countries Pakistan and India have both expressed sympathies for Ukraine, but the two remain in a tight bind. The two have only recently grown closer connections to Russia and will be hesitant to criticize Russia further. Iran has sided with Russia, while Turkey, which is one of the countries also affected by Putin’s advances, has not directly stated which side they support.

South Korea on the other hand expressed regret for the situation and expressed deep remorse for the people in Ukraine. South Korea also stated it would be joining international sanctions against Russia. Japan has joined South Korea by also putting sanctions against Russia and limiting the people who can travel and enter Japan. China, on the other hand, has not released any statements and has remained silent. Although silent, it is very likely they will side with Russia.

Europe released statements via the European Union (EU). They have condemned Russia’s actions and issued much regret that the situation has resulted like this. The EU also has begun international sanctions against Russia. Multiple European countries have offered asylum for the people of Ukraine and have offered supplies.