New STEM Bathrooms Being Locked

With the opening of the new school building, the campus also received brand new bathrooms located both inside and outside the building. These new restrooms were a step up compared to the already existing bathrooms on campus. They are clean, have mirrors, stalls, and overall everything a nice public restroom would have. As well as being clean, the bathrooms were overall pretty and generally liked by all students who used them. Summer Tran (12) stated how “it was nice to have usable restrooms that didn’t feel uncomfortable or gross to use.” 

     Although these bathrooms were a step up in the right direction, they were closed down for a few weeks when the building opened. Turns out according to Mr. Jansen, a teacher who now teaches in the new building, the bathrooms have become victims of graffiti and trashing by a few students. These actions convinced the administration to shut down the bathrooms for a while to see if the problem could be fixed and avoided. As of now the culprits are not revealed and the shutdown of the bathrooms irritated a few students. Saachi Shah (12) expressed annoyance in how she felt that “it was unjust in these new bathrooms being taken away from everyone even though a few people had caused the damage.”

     Currently the bathrooms are back and open again, luckily with no sign of any more graffiti or damage. Students expressed happiness that they could now use these new bathrooms again and wished that no more harm would come to them. Many students, such as Austin Ghani (12) expressed joy in now being able to use these bathrooms again. Until now, there has been no signs of trashing or damage to the bathrooms, making it seem like they will be open indefinitely for students.