UCLA Shooting Threat

  In the past few weeks, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), was the victim of a severe threat of a shootout. The threats were sent by a former lecturer, Matthew Harris, who threatened to carry out a mass shooting on the campus. 

    Harris threatened to harm students and staff of the philosophy team. There was also an 800 page manifesto created by himself which contained extreme violent comments. Harris also had posted multiple disturbing videos on the internet and youtube following these remarks. Some of these videos included clips of the Columbine shooting and clips of gun violence.

     Students were worried for their safety and classes had been canceled and moved to online classes in order to ensure the safety of their students. Classes were scheduled to be moved until the threat was detained or determined to no longer put the lives of students and staff in danger. Luckily in the past few days, the threat has been detained by the police. 

    Matthew Harris was successfully detained the 1st of Feb. by police at 11 a.m. Harris was detained in Boulder Colorado after California Police had tracked Harris down to Boulder and notified local police which allowed local authorities to find and arrest the suspect. 

     Although successfully captured, a fellow elementary school and 65 local businesses and houses were told to shelter at home due to the threat. The shelter order was lifted on Tuesday after the suspect’s house was searched. Before the incident, complaints had been placed due to Harris’s actions and remarks he would make in class. Now students are safe and relieved knowing the perpetrator of these threats is now arrested. Students have begun to return back to normal life at campus, but some students still retain a bit of fear and worries due to the traumatic event, although UCLA has attempted to calm students down.