Curriculum Expo and Showcase

The Eighth-Grade Expo has always been an exciting event for eighth-graders who attend feeder schools for Aliso Niguel High School to learn what the high school experience is really like.

The event was held on Wed. February 2, on the football field. In the past, the expo was usually presented in the main gym, with athletics and school activities recruiting in the small gym. But due to COVID safety measures, the expo was moved to take place at the stadium.

Principal Hatcher described the event to give the up-and-coming high schoolers a mini pep rally, to excite both the future students as well as the parents into attending Aliso Niguel. This “mini pep rally” consisted of performances of groups on campus including cheer, dance, and DA (Dance Appreciation).

These performances to showcase the many available ways for a student to get involved at Aliso were then followed up by a presentation given by the Admin team, which consisted of a breakdown of graduation requirements, course options and athletics. 

After the presentation, students and parents were then let go to wander  the football field, in which the various athletic teams and extracurricular programs had set up booths to promote their organization and recruit upcoming ninth-graders. 

Almost all Aliso athletics were represented at the expo, with coaches there to inspire incoming high schoolers to join their sport, or answer any questions. For many eighth-graders,  the expo served as an opportunity to explore their passions and find out what activities they might be interested in participating with, as the options available are much more vast than middle school. 

Players also came out to represent their sports and act as promoters for the program as well, having many of them wearing either their varsity lettermans or uniforms. These players  provided demonstrations for the incoming high schoolers of the sport, and were also available to answer any questions about the program.

Other than athletics, a great amount of activities and arts programs were promoted. Some of which include the ANHS Choir, who sang the school’s Alma Mater and national anthem, the Aliso Niguel Theatre Company, French Club, ASB and CCA (College and Career Advantage). 

The programs that performed at the beginning of the showcase were also given a booth, and spent time promoting as well. 

These activities were all promoted in different ways to encourage students to join. The Theatre Company came dressed up in various costumes and performed numbers to get the eighth-graders curious; the French Club quizzed students on their knowledge of French to earn prizes; ASB sold discounted merchandise and CCA promoted the various afterschool courses they offer. 

All in all, the Aliso Niguel High School’s Curriculum Expo and Showcase was a great way to promote all the activities that the incoming freshman class has an option to join, and learn about the specific programs at our school.