High Gas Prices Affect on Students

As gas prices continue to rise this winter season, most highschool students are being impacted by it. As of Feb. 7, the price per gallon for regular gasoline is $4.68. In some counties, the price made records. 

Sofia Rodriguez (12) explains “I have two jobs which allows me to pay for my own gas. It’s pretty expensive to fill up my own tank, but luckily my car is pretty small so it isn’t too bad. But sometimes I walk to places to save gas.”

Many students walk to school if they live closeby, to save gas. Others carpool to school. 

     Kaylee Smith (11) explains “Sometimes I drive my close friend or she’ll drive me. Even Though I have a job, filling up my car with gas affects my bank account every time. I try to not have to fill it up too often.”

Some highschool students even got a job just for the sole reason they couldn’t afford their gas otherwise. 

      Brooke Beckner (11) explains “My parents told me that they would no longer help me pay for gas. It’s really expensive to fill up my car so I started looking for a job. Thankfully I am a hostess now at a restaurant nearby.”

California is the leader in gas prices as of right now. Almost all other states are in the $3 range. As gas prices rise and fluctuate, high school students will have to work hard to find ways to afford it.