Genshin Impact Review

“Genshin Impact,” developed by the company HoYoVerse, is a Chinese game created in September 2020. With a successful launch, it passed its first anniversary despite controversy with players over rewards and earned over $2 million according to Sensor Tower estimates. 

  The game features an interesting storyline in a role-playing game (RPG) format where the main character, the Traveler, loses their sibling and sets out on a journey in a world called Teyvat to search. Progressing through the storyline gives the player rewards, and it being a gacha game, allows people to spend real currency to obtain game currency to wish for, or to obtain, characters. 

  Despite it not being HoYoVerse’s first release (other works being “Honkai Impact 3rd”), Genshin is an engaging game where character releases or new additions to the storyline spark new interest for the player. However, the game fails to be accessible to Free To Play (F2P) players, who don’t use money on the game to get characters who are currently featured, as the rewards system gets increasingly shortened as one levels up. 

  Because characters are featured on varying degrees of rareness, some only being available for a 3 week period, new players also experience a difficult time obtaining a team composition to fight “Genshin Impact” made bosses and mob monsters. To strengthen one’s character, players must farm for artifacts, which can be leveled but give randomized stats, which lead to an extremely frustrating but sometimes rewarding experience. 

  The wide range of voice actors who vary by language, are a welcome addition to the way that a player can enjoy a wider experience. Available languages are featured in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English, in which well-known voice actors make appearances, examples being Ryohei Kimura on the Japanese end (voices Tartaglia) and Keith Silverstein (voices Zhongli).

  Overall, “Genshin Impact” is a well made game, and while still being in the works, presents a pleasant experience for players and is rewarding for many.