2022 Spring Driver’s License Registration

  The Spring 2022 Drivers Education Registration course is available for all Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) students who wish to receive a driver’s license before they turn 18 years old. Registration must be done before March 1 for students to partake in the California licensed Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) course.

  The information for the course is found under the Aliso Niguel High School (ANHS) School News category on the school website. The length of the class ranges from March 4 to May 26, 2022, and once completed verifies the student has completed the 30-hour classroom course that is required before the behind-the-wheel classes. 

  These classes, being online, are easily accessible, and once completed give a DMV issued Certificate of Completion to the student in question. There are certain requirements that the student must abide by to join the class, some being a minimum age requirement of 15 years by the date of May 26 (the final day of the course). This is a cost-free opportunity for students, and while it does give any grade or transcriptional boosts, helps students to receive a license before they are 18.

  Registration can be initiated on www.cusdonline.com/driversed. Once completed, the student must pass a DMV test (which can be taken multiple times) before beginning the mandatory 6-hour behind-the-wheel classes. The Spring 2022 Drivers Education Registration course is an opportunity for ANHS students to get a driver’s license before they turn 18.