Boys Swim Dives into New Season

Boys Swim is excited to start off their season this 2021-2022 school year. Their season officially started on Feb. 14, but the boys have been practicing since the beginning of January unofficially. 

To prepare for future meets, the team has two and a half hour long practices each day, swimming to around three to four thousand yards each practice. 

    Cash Reynolds(11) explains “It’s a lot of swimming and can be really tiring but it’s worth it in the end. The hard work pays off.”

The boys have practice meets, where they will work on their speeds and skills. Then on Tuesday, Mar. 15, they will have their first meet against Tesoro Highschool at Tesoro. 

     Cash Reynolds (11), a member of varsity explains “I think we will do really well this year. We have a lot of talent on the team. Puffer told us that all the nearby schools have refused to swim against us because they are scared.”

Paxton Smith (11), another member on varsity explains “My favorite thing about swim season is league finals because everyone is there watching and every team is cheering each other on.” He goes on to explain “I think I’ll make it to CIF because last year I barely missed it. I should be able to get it this year as well as most of the other guys.”

The team looks forward to the season and hope to grow as a team, as well as individually.