Girls Softball Swings Into a New Season

The ANHS softball team began their season with two games on Feb. 2. They won against Beckman but lost to Redono. On Feb 15, the team lost to Tesoro by one in an international tie breaker. They lost to Canyon on Feb. 17, and two days later on the 19th, they lost to Foothill and won against La Serna. In their most recent game against El Toro, the girls unfortunately lost.

         Haley Shcmuhl (11) who plays for the varsity team, explains how, despite the couple losses, the team is doing great. “All of the girls get along with each other and always have fun.” 

   One of Aliso Niguel’s athletics goals is to inspire united and strong teams, which is exactly what our softball team demonstrates. 

       In order to form this united, close knit team, the girls decided to host “pre game dinners” to prepare for their games and get a chance to bond with each other. The girls meet at someone’s house to eat food, talk with their teammates, relax, and mentally prepare for the game the next day. 

       The girls have an upcoming away game on Feb. 24 against Edison High School, and the team can look forward to support from peers and are prepared for all of their hard work to pay off.