Girls Soccer

      Beginning in January, the three girls soccer teams have been facing a challenging, yet rewardful season. ANHS’s teams include a Varsity, JV, and Frosh/Soph team. All three groups have been working hard to prepare for their current season. 

       Although every sport can have its hard days and drawbacks, the girls soccer team works hard together, on and off the field. Sabrina Zetawi, a senior on the Varsity team, explains how the best part of soccer is her team working together to achieve a common goal, and how, “everyone comes together and pushes themselves to be the best they can be on the field.

     As far as how the season is going so far, Sabrina says, “it is going well. We started off a little shaky but we have picked it up and have been rewarded with wins.”

       A junior on Varsity, Ava Wise explains the team’s plans for the season: “as a team we all prepare by coming out with intensity to win the game and focus on what we want to accomplish to dominate the game. We are halfway done with the season and we are hoping to make it to the playoffs and CIF.”

       Freshman Leyla Pfieffer explains how the Frosh/Soph team faces the same challenges. Their season is going well overall, and Leyla says, “we’ve all been putting in hard work,” which has clearly paid off since they’ve only lost one game this season. Leyla explains how the team works so well together since, “we all support each other and have the need to win”. 

       In summary, all of ANHS Girls soccer teams have a similar drive and motivation to accomplish their goals as a team, and make our school proud.