Novak Djokovic Deportation

Novak Djokovic recently had his Visa canceled and could risk having his Visa revoked for an additional 3 years. According to the Guardian’s article, Novak Djokovic deported for breach of Australia’s border rules, PM says, at odds with government’s legal case, “The Australian Minister, Scott Morrison, says Novak Djokovic was deported because he tried to breach entry rules at the border…” 

Upon entering Australia, Djokovic was detained for reasons related to COVID-19. He did win his appeal to have the visa cancellation thrown out. However, as reported by Express, “[This] verdict was sensationally overturned by Hawke on Friday.” Alex Hawke, who is the current immigration minister, then had his decision upheld on Jan. 16 by federal courts after Djokovic’s appeals were dismissed. 

According to the article, “[You] either have to be vaccinated or you have to have valid medical evidence and show evidence of it.” Although Djokovic did give a medical reason for not being vaccinated, it is not being recognized as medically valid. According to the Guardian article, “The immigration minister also noted Djokovic- [had] cited a recent Covid infection as a reason for not being vaccinated…”  Meaning that although Djokovic had COVID-19 and could possibly be carrying antibodies, he still would have needed to be vaccinated to enter the country. 

Additionally Alex Hawke points to Djokovic’s travel records as an area for concern. According to the Guardian he said that, “I am still concerned because Australia Travel Declarations are important documents, and the information in them should not be false.” However, Hawke also states that the status of his Australia Travel Declarations would not have affected his decision. 

In the end Hawke used his power to cancel Djokovic’s visa. For people looking to re-enter Australia, the Guardian reports that, “The rules say that a person who receives an adverse decision will not be able to be granted a visa for a period of three years, except in certain circumstances including compelling circumstances that affect the interests of Australia.” These rules mean that Djokovic could be facing issues related to playing in the Australian Open in the future or trying to come back before the 3 year period. 

As stated by the Guardian article, Djokovic circus unleashes a toxic chain reaction of mistrust and resentment, Djokovic believes that, “Whether it is a communist ruler or rulers of the food and pharmaceutical industries, people at the top understand that most of us are led by fear.” This idea of not being led by the convictions of people in power is what seems to be informing Djokovic’s ideas surrounding his overall health and vaccination status. Currently Djokovic is expected to be competing on Feb. 21 at the Dubai Free Tennis Competition. According to the article by the Independent, Novak Djokovic return date confirmed following the Australia visa saga, “It is set to be Djokovic’s first appearance since his deportation from Australia…” This means that although the incident with the Australian Open did potentially hurt his career, he is still expected to compete in other nations’ competitions.