Plowing Through the Crowds

     As we continue our way through the 2021-2022 school year, the overcrowded hallways don’t seem to be getting any better.

Since we were given the option last year to either stay 100% online or partake in a hybrid schedule, the majority of Aliso Niguel students chose to stay online. Staying online became the more appealing option for us since it meant you did not have to wear masks, get your temperature checked, and leave your comfortable and cozy rooms at home. 

Now, with 100% of students back on campus this year, the hallways are back to being overfilled with students. Livy Bentley (11) explains “I feel like a fish going against the stream when I’m trying to get to my math class”. Other juniors and seniors who had previously attended Aliso Niguel highschool and have been on campus also complain about the overcrowded hallways.

Eden Wallin (11) explains “I feel an invasion of personal space when I’m walking through the halls because everyone is pushing up against one another and focused on getting to their next class”. 

When the bell rings signaling classes are released, there is a sudden rush of kids from every classroom trying to reach their friends or get to their next class which causes chaos. Being squished between random people in the hallway, while everyone is on each other’s heels pushing forward, is not the ideal position any of us want to be in. It creates stress to not just get to class on time but also because of the invasion of space. 

Although we can not reduce the amount of kids on campus in hopes that the overcrowdedness will decrease, there are other factors that might help come up with a solution. Students when walking through hallways could start being more respectful to one another. They could try to start becoming more aware and mindful of their surroundings, and not push and shove others. Afterall, we are all in the same vote, why not try to make it more pleasant.