Marching Band


Marching Band season is here. Although they have faced some challenges, thanks to the help of Mr. Jeung and the music and visual staff, things have been working themselves out. 

Everyone has also been working really hard to adjust to the new season. They successfully performed in their first tournament on Saturday, Oct. 23 at Poway. 

When asked about what they expect this tournament season, Jessie Blattner (12) responded: “We don’t really know what to expect. This season has really changed a lot of things for a lot of the bands, and a lot of people have switched divisions.” 

The captain of the drumline is Troy Holly (12). According to Jessie Blattner (12), “he has a lot of dedication to the drumline and he puts in a lot of hard work that shows.” 

Some other important information about the makeup of drumline gathered in an interview with Charles Smith (12), is that it consists of “bass drums, snares and tenors.” When asked about this season Charles Smith commented he “felt like [they are] making a good comeback from not having a season and [their] first competition went well.” 

For color guard, there are currently a lot of new members who are training, and a lot of older members who are recovering from not having a season due to COVID- 19. According to Kiara Azuma (11), “[They’ve] become more collaborative with each other, especially for those who are returning from the 2019 season, who didn’t have a season last year.” 

There are many different people to look out for this season. One of them is Joelle Irish (12), who is one of the strongest rifle performers. Another is Kiana Toffelmier (11), who is the only junior on the sabre line. According to Kiara Azuma (11), “she’s really good with the weapons and flag work.” 

The windward section is being led by Isaac Duer (12).  According to Naya Bender (12), a member of the windward section, “the flutes are doing really well and they’ll be good at championships.” A clarinet or flute player noted for their team spirit and overall good nature is Holly Kim. She’s known for having “fantastic enthusiasm and is really excited—really excited at practice.” 

It’s only the beginning of the season, but everyone seems optimistic and ready to take on any challenges that may have been posed from a lack of season or trying to induct new members. So far they’ve started off strong with wins in their first tournament. 

According to Jessie Blattner (12), a leader of the drumline with Charles Smith, they “won [drumline] first division and first in percussion for our division. [And color] guard won in [their] division as well.” 

The marching band is successfully kicking off the marching band season that will continue through this winter.